Bit of My Story

Jeff Profile

If there was a theme for my life, it was separation.

Whether it was experiencing the trauma of multiple divorces as a child, feeling disconnected from my generation in adolescence, or suffering a heavy disparity within myself in early adulthood, separation appeared to have a strong role to play. All this culminated when I experienced my own divorce.

My soul was screaming, longing to feel connected — to feel connected to myself, and to feel connected to my place in life.

The first problem I overcame was thinking I needed to do it alone; this changed while reading an excerpt from Thomas Merton:

“It is hopeless to try to settle the problem of vocation outside the context of friendship and of love.”

We need each other in order to make sense of ourselves. And yet we tend to do the opposite. I didn’t want this to be my story. I wanted to reach out for help, so that I may be there for someone when they needed help.    

It began with embracing and owning the past, so I could have peace in the present, and aim to create a future worthy of the calling I’ve received.

I explored, at depth, the changes, transitions, the “What’s?”, and most importantly the “WHY’s?” Asking what the “Why” was for my life led me to an education in Developmental Psychology and Theology; this revealed my passion to come along side others and help them to find their “Why”. To finally define answers to questions like “Do I have what it takes?” to “Am I worthy?” to “What do I really WANT?” and many more. I asked these same questions to make sense, or in other words, make a connection.

Lastly, I’m a lifelong student/teacher of the martial arts, a musician, and a father to a beautiful daughter.