Little Something-Something on TRUST

For the first time, in some time (if ever, really) I’ve come to loosely experience what trust looks like — looks and feels like. 

It feels like a true connection. Perhaps that’s what’s intended biologically in order to sustain relationships and, in turn, secure the survival of a species. Perhaps. And by true, I mean something unquestioned, clear, and done with absolute intent. It’s a kind of contract I suppose. In the business world you’ll hear things like “this relationship is purely transactional” versus that of “personal” relationship. Something transactional gives way to dry, unemotional compromise whereas something personal gives way to unhinged collaboration.

We certainly build value around trust. Maybe because we know what it is to have trust compromised. It’s a classic case of not knowing the real value of something until it’s gone; this is a widespread sentiment that’s often, and unfortunately, taken for granted. Our propensity to establish trust, to give and maintain value to someone or something is clearly innate. We’re wired to construct value that’s held together by trust.

Think of someone, maybe yourself, who is scared to death of intimacy. Not just sexual intimacy, although that could be the case as well. I mean real, raw emotional closeness only made possible by transparency and trust. If you find that you or another person resists (key word) then that is a clear sign of abused trust.

To not trust is to resist; to resist is to prevent growth and understanding.

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