Poetry: I Should Probably Pray More

Jesus leaves voice mails.

It’s never rushed; it’s a calm and assertive baritone

that runs exactly one minute long every morning.

He must know that I’m a morning person.


Jesus leaves voice mails.

I usually check them in private

and will often pretend to be talking to another person when listening;

but I still hear every word over my own voice,

the complete thoughts and perfect word selection.


I swear I see him reclining in an oil painting

hand pressed to his ear looking mildly perturbed

that I haven’t picked up again.


And when he’s finished his message he turns to an apostle,

shrugs his shoulders, then signals the waiter for more bread.

2 Comments on “Poetry: I Should Probably Pray More

  1. I love this. I can see and relate to the characters, all of whom were so endearing. Delightful


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