Goodness is Growth

The service of the self has no real meaning without the service to others. It’s not so unlike why we understand what a crooked line looks like; because we have a standard of what a straight line looks like. To know one, we must know the other. To serve ourselves is ‘good’, but it is only ‘good’ when it is a response to serving others. Let’s break it down.

Real Meaning: Meaning that is depicted of a deeper, unalterable truth.

Good: I equate goodness to growth. The things you give your time and energy to either make you more, keep you the same, or make you less. Goodness is an agent for growth.

To give goodness, you must also receive it and so on; it’s the iron that perpetually sharpens iron. Goodness is an endless commodity. Goodness is ultimately informed by love and love is what makes up the very fabric of life and existence. To participate in the giving and receiving process awakens the inner life, the life of the spirit. 

When we’re roused from our sleep, we don’t first open our eyes. There’s a preproduction of shuffling or moving a bit in our beds. We’re certainly conscious, but at times we’re slow to fully accept the transition from a passive to active state. The daily practice of enacted goodness activates the spirit, awakens it from its state of indifference or passivity. It’s awoken when you serve yourself, i.e. when you’re kind to yourself and healthily steward over the things your body and mind needs. I suggest that it’s fully alive when it comes into contact with other spirits that aim to promote goodness, and therefore promote growth.

Partisan, non-partisan, theist or atheist — I think most can agree that life in general drives us up and out of the nursery and into growth. If we’re not growing, then what are we doing?

If I’ve decided I’ve learned enough, then I’ve decided that my daughter has learned enough. Thinking you heard and know it all is a referendum on you and your decisions may very well stifle those around you.

Goodness comes in the smallest gesture. Goodness comes in grand gesture. Allow it to come through some way; it’s all accounted for. 

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