Free Verse: “thoughts on control”

forcing words out is like trying to push the river south. we

often do this. we’ve lost ourselves to industry, empire, and have fallen deep into the mythology of greatness. “people should soon forget that the river moves on its own and will credit me. I will be deified, I will be whole, I will then be great.” is this not madness incarnate? we must know that we seek to control most when

we anticipate suffering. is not suffering the complete loss of control? the river

means to only have you float on it. is love not the same? we try to control it and it goes wrong. Love requires that you only give it away and yet we

try to keep it. control it. instead of falling back and into

it, letting it take us where it means to. the Westerner knows little about surrender, knows little about yielding, and knows even less about about living outside of time. the very things we draw passion and inspiration from are timeless, and yet we operate as if everything has an expiration.

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