Poem: “take solace (for Josh)”

you always remind me of some kind of Huck Finn. scrappy, mud-footed, with mischievous brown curls. always starved for adventure, but always


I imagine the eyes, your eyes, perpetually forlorn. you’re sat riverside in jean cut-offs with a stick spelling the name of your crush on the water’s surface. it makes me think of George MacDonald who said

“One of the saddest and not least common sights in the world is the face of a child whose mind is so brimful of worldly wisdom that the human childishness has vanished from it, as well as the divine childlikeness.” you, we, were called to grow up perhaps

sooner than we’d like. it’s probably why we clung so desperately to our fictions created in midnight walks in between lamplight and brush; down railroad tracks and alleyways; sleepless nights excited by the hero’s next decision. in

you I see the universe. expanding. beautiful. the sensation of feeling small, yet unstoppable. I hold you to the light and through you the

greatest colors seep and shine and blind. Our God made us

brothers. one day heaven will find us sat beneath large fruit trees, swords to our sides, and ale in our stomachs as a peach twilight cuts high across a cool dying day. we’ll laugh at all we thought we

knew. we will finally understand love. then we’ll sleep and dream of more

stories. And we won’t be


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