Poem: “as Knights do” (for Jon)

O friend, fellow knight,

the world isn’t always round. she tilts and spins and

shakes making passage a true

work. you know this now. we forget the weight of our

own armor at times. to remove it is temptation

incarnate. I’m only a small ways ahead, but I

exhort you to keep it on. the sage says the weight trains the

soul to stay light, for when the body does parish, the soul

should float skyward to our next home. think of

it friend. only demons walk the world — and where is their

armor? removed in their youth. you

may be down faced on the road, but you only need to look ahead. round

the bend and see distant spires above the treetops. rivers wait to

replenish. groves to sleep and pass afternoons. stand

you knight. come and meet me. come

to my side that we may

bless each other with stories and laugh at our


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