Poem: “the daughter girl”

the daughter girl


near running springs feet,

white, dip and dab in

winter’s run-off

down Black Bear’s Pass


me on the right we

sweat the delight of new season’s

arrival; you’re a fast runner. a

spirit moves your legs and

tangles your hair, crazy, draped over

face smiling back


when will I know joy? Daughter, be

my teacher. how loud you laugh as

avalanche echoes, smothers. how

light your heart, how quick

her smile, how shoulders can be shoulders

unshrugged, bearing the cloth of sun’s

ray only


I settle in holes, deep

ready to feel soil sift through

hair, my hair, thin, unkempt. I

smoke slow in forest green

trees felled by angels

trying to get my

attention. ready to answer, last

exhale, you

stand above — my

silhouette of salvation


lifted light I

float to your side palm

to palm no words

need weigh on our

tongues when doves alight

in silence

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