Poetry to Music Series: “Prosperity”


Below is an original poem titled “Prosperity”. My long time friend and collaborator, Andrew Mauzey, adapted this poem into song. And this isn’t the only one he’s adapted. There are more completed and still more to come, hence the idea to make this a series of posts. If anything, skim the poem, but please stay for the song.

Story Behind Poem

It’s about change; more specifically, it’s about the unconscious refusal to change. And by unconscious, I perhaps mean unaware. Ever find yourself in a season where something, sometimes something small, is hanging on — and you can’t quite pinpoint what it is? At the same time you’re too busy or too distracted to pause and give it the attention it’s perhaps asking for. I personify this idea through the illustration of a tree that’s reached the end of season and can’t seem to change until that last leaf detaches and floats away. If you’ve embraced the change, then you’ve prospered! Is there something like this in your life?

Brilliantly, again, Andrew elevated this adaption to song and built a beautiful, sweeping melody that sways (much like a tree in the wind, I suppose) the listener through the whole song. His adaptation captures, if not elevates, the true essence of the poem. What a composition. What a voice. Enjoy!





Last leaf,

dangling, a stubborn


A tree changes

clothes every

ninety days – ninety two have past.

Orange, burnt, ready to

crumble at the wind’s


Nothing breaks refusal.

Nothing breaks.


A maple mopes,

cringing whilst transformation’s


One last leaf, one first change.

Song Adaptation

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