Poetry to Music Series: “Ms. In Black”


Below is an original poem titled “Ms. In Black”. My long time friend and collaborator, Andrew Mauzey, adapted this poem into song. And this isn’t the only one he’s adapted. There are more completed and still more to come, hence the idea to make this a series of posts. If anything, skim the poem, but please stay for the song.


Story Behind Poem

When my now ex-wife and I first separated (something she wanted), I was encouraged by a mentor to go on a date. Mind you, this was about six months or so after the separation. The idea was to face my fears of getting back out “there”. Just have coffee and conversation. Keep it simple. It doesn’t need to escalate or go beyond that. I can’t even tell you how nervous I was. Anyhow, I had reconnected with an old acquaintance from years back via social media and things were in-play. We had coffee, and conversation, and connection. Our interaction was short-lived, but nonetheless significant. I do think highly of her till this day and hope she’s well. This poem is perhaps a way of saying thank you. I’m sure I was a weird, awkward mess when we came back into contact.

It’s short, sweet, and veers a little heavy into the abstract. I sent it to Andy, and days later he sent me the song adaptation. The playback was amazing. And even more amazing was how he interpreted the meaning. I wrote this for a woman from my past. His adaptation writes as if the song is for my ex-wife. Maybe, subconsciously, I was writing to her all along. Who knows? You be the judge.



Ms. In Black

Ring on ear,

left, that

evening in black

coffee or tea declined.

Events of the last nine

years removed from her

mouth like unwanted pieces of

meat bone. Each bone held to light like

jewels examined for purity and like

tomorrow she’s coming but

never arrives;


Song Adaptation

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