Free From Fear: A Guided Meditation

You’re alone, barefoot, and standing on a beach.

It’s midday, overcast, and a light drizzle dabs your skin. The whole scene looks to have been brushed over with dark and light grays.

You’re still. You see the ocean stretch to an endless horizon. All you hear is the tide gradually coming in and gradually going out. The breeze is subtle and comforting. You now turn your attention to your breathing.

In through your nose………..and out through your mouth. It’s slow breathing that begins to match the ebb and flow of the tide. As the tide recedes you breathe in, and as it advances you breathe out.

You start to feel light.

Whatever’s been weighing on you is now beginning to let off.

The darkness you secretly go to when you’re afraid begins to dissolve.

That fear is disappearing now.

Fear of not becoming something someone else said you should be. Fear of never reaching your potential. Fear of never knowing real love. Fear of never being enough. Fear of never living that dream.

You close your eyes now. The sound of the waves and the light breeze become white noise that gets quieter and quieter. For a moment, your mind’s eye stares into complete darkness.

All is still. All is quiet.

A faint white outline of a door slowly appears before you. You move towards it, but are arrested, immobile, unable to move your legs at all.

You remain still and remember your fears. You remember what happened when those fears took possession of your body. You can recall all the times when that fear kept you from growing. When it was your master and you were its slave.

You look down, and in the obscured light notice that your feet are shackled and chained to the ground. Your hands are bound together by rope. Your mouth has been sealed with tape. You are powerless.

Are you?

You are nothing.

Are you?

You are not enough.

Are you?


You were created long before the birth of the universe. You were given the gift of life with all of its pains and all of its pleasures.
The tape falls off your eyes.

You are worthy of love, to give and to receive.

The rope loosens and slides off your wrists.

Everything you need is within you. You have what it takes.

The chains turn to dust.

You run for the door that flashes bright white as you pass through. The white slowly dissolves and you’re still.

It’s morning. You’re back on the beach on that same spot. All around you a spectrum of colors shining through; the dense blue ocean, the thick white crest of the waves, and the golden sand.

From behind you the sound of laughter. You turn and see the person or people who mean or meant the most to you. They sit in the sand, honest, authentic, safe, and fearless. They are your tribe. They believe in you as you would believe in them.

Go to them. Share with them. Love with them.


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